Your November 2013 Forecast

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november-horoscope-150A Heavy First Week in Your November Horoscope

Welcome to your November horoscope! The first day of November is when the last of this year’s Uranus-Pluto squares becomes exact. This is part of a series that lasts years and it’s the reason why we’ve seen so many changes happening in the world around us. “Revolution” and “transformation” are the key words surrounding this alignment.

Just to make sure that November and your horoscope don’t get boring after the 1st, there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on the 3rd. The air around the eclipse makes it act like a New Moon squared, for Scorpios especially. New Moon energy is generally good energy and the eclipse just gives it power to last for months rather than days. Also, this New Moon energy is tied to the Full Moon energy that emanates from Taurus on November 17, which is conducive to…

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