Calculating your life path with the help of numerology

Numerology Reading

When a numerologist calculates a person’s life path they will use their individual methods. Life path is actually based on your DOB and it can be calculated in a variety of ways. There are many numerologists who add all the numbers in your DOB and will find a resulting numerology reading that is the sum of all the numbers of your date of birth. This resulting number is reduced by adding each of the digits.

numerology readingNumerologists, when calculating your life path, will take into account your double-digit number as well as the single digit which is the sum of the double-digit number. They then write down the numbers in the form of the double digit/single digit and this becomes your life path.

Other numerologists use another method to calculate your life path. They will add the 3 separate units of your DOB together and then will reduce the result to…

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