QOTD – August 7th – The Passing of Notes

The Poetry Question

check yes no maybe

Somewhere in my office sits the very first love letter that I ever wrote. It was second grade, the girl’s name was Brenna, and I wrote it on that ugly grey / blue newsprint that we all used for cursive – you know that style of writing they used to teach. I had written the classic “Do you like me?” message with two boxes, labeled “yes” and “no.” Brenna checked yes, handed it back to me, and remained my girlfriend through the end of elementary school – you know, the relationship where you don’t talk because you don’t have anything to say, don’t look at each other because you’d turn red, and don’t hold hands because you might get cooties. That letter holds a lot of importance to me because it was the first time that I really remember writing words that actually meant something to me. I liked her…

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