Weekend Assignment: The Big 5-0

Brainstorms & Bylines

Over the years, I’ve developed a reading habit you don’t see in normal people. By normal people, I mean non-writing readers. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. We writers read things differently. We nit-pick, we analyze, we bemoan the fact that some other writer beat us to the punch with a wicked-good idea…


The habit. Right.

My weird habit…

I don’t know exactly when this habit started, but when I read a novel, any novel, I stop at the point I know I’m hooked on the story and glance at the page number. Sometimes the number is surprisingly low. For example, The Time Traveler’s Wife  took me hostage within the first ten pages. Other times, I may be intrigued by the story’s premise early on, but I’m not committed to stick with it until The End until later. We’ve all read those books, the ones that…

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