Deep in the seat of your own heart.

meditation practice prompting—

Mindfulness Man

This morning I didn’t watch my breath.

I instead meditated on what in Pali is called metta or loving kindness in English.

I sat and repeated four phrases over and over, sending my wishes for happiness to all beings everywhere.

I’m going to be using this method for a week non stop.

I’m going to go deep into my own heart, spending around two hours a day on this practice, with the sole purpose of cultivating the wisdom of genuine love, so that I can teach it to you from a more profound level.

I’m going to sit in pure love and radiate it out to all beings everywhere; myself included.

I don’t know what is going to happen myself.

I’ve had some incredible experiences with this practice; lots of tears of joy and incredible sensations of love and care, deep  in my heart.

I get a real warm glow…

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