Daily writing as a way to organize thoughts

i so need to practice what this blog is “preaching to the choir” because i love to write, wanna write, really believe i do write, but here lately I haven’t written- and i know that is the reason why i’m so scattered- i gotta get back on thIS!

Seer Ovum: Beginning of Insight (A Writer's Blog)

If you write a short piece, or maybe a few short pieces, each day, you may find that the writing process helps you organize your thoughts.

Just as a task list in software such as Outlook or Astrid can help organize the day, practicing a daily writing exercise each morning, or evening, can help to consolidate thoughts that may be relatively unformed and diaphanous.

As so many others do, the morning writing exercise can be adapted in some ways, expanded in others, and focused in still yet others. Morning work on poetry focusing on meter and rhyme has the potential to improve prose. Vocabulary building can be an option. Identifying and eliminating the use of trite phrases can be another.

To some of you that read this blog, I am “preaching to the choir.” You already know this, and you already do this. But, if the idea is new to…

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