The Writer’s Voice – Another Unconventional Definition

Live to Write - Write to Live

stepping stonesYour writer’s voice is all your own. It is not only how you tell your story, it’s which story you choose to tell, and why you must tell it. Your writer’s voice is less about syntax and more about soul, less about punctuation and more about passion, less about eloquence and more about essence.

But, there is even more to it than that.

Though everyone has a story to tell, not every person shares that story with the world. Though we all have ideas and opinions, we do not all put them down on paper or in pixels. In choosing to express her inner thoughts to the world, a writer takes on a serious responsibility.

Writers are keen observers. We are naturally aware of details and nuances, collecting them from our own experience and using them to enrich our writing. We are also born storytellers who seek out the…

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