Curious Lists, a creative journal for list-lovers

can’t wait to take the time to do this list lover exercise : N)

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As you might have noticed already, I’m a list lover. Not the To-Do List lover, which tends to grow rapidly and even without my approval. But a list lover nonetheless.

Ever since my friend, j, mentioned being gifted with the “Curious Lists – A Creative Journal for List Lovers”, I’ve had it on my wish list. That was back in 2009.

This V-Day, the Chef and I agreed to exchange presents in the form of books. And since his cost more than my choice, I got to choose another something from my wish list – and went with the Curious Lists journal.

It is one amazing gift!

The book is small, will easily fit into my purse. It is divided into 26 chapters, like “Lists for Early Mornings”, “Lists for Rainy Days”, “Lists for When You’re on the Bus” (with my commute, that tends to be a lot of…

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