A not to do list when you only got 24 hours left

I loved this post! I am one of those that doesn’t ever accomplish anything except for thinking about what it is I wish I could get done, and then tell myself I can’t go anywhere or shower until I get certain tasks done (the ones i’ve been contemplating for 24 plus hours) and then when I only have an hour left, or have to be somewhere, I quick jump up and act like a chicken with my head cut off trying to quick do all that it is I’ve neglected to do because I’ve been worrying about not doing what I supposed to do, shoulda done, needed too, promised too, or wanted too, or all of the above- UGH- to the point of straight panic attack status- and naturally am late to whatever it is I couldn’t get out of doing, and dreaded doing, and would prefer to quick cram up everything else not done that i’ve successfully avoided at this stage even thinking about anymore- to being rebelliously late to whatever is next on my holy smokes I’m crazy from the last packed hour of tasks I can’t even see or think straight : ) life is great when you procrastinate!

Love Letters to Life

I’m pretty good at wasting time even though I tell myself everyday that I might not wake up tomorrow, that this is my last chance to do the things I love. Either that I’m dumb or numb, but it doesn’t work on me. I only end up getting upset about not getting things off my bucket list, so here’s a NOT to do list instead. Hope it helps us spend time more wisely.


  1. Make a bucket list.
  2. (If you’re stubborn and you still want to) Stay still for more than 30 seconds looking at an empty sheet of paper thinking what to write on it.
  3. Be charitable all of a sudden because you want to make your last hours meaningful. The end of the world is not the time to be charitable, Gumball said.
  4. Be disappointed that you didn’t become as awesome as you were in your…

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