Meanings behind Coommon Dreams

Meanings behind Coommon Dreams

Sometimes you may have a truly bizarre dream, but more often than not, our dreams fall into common themes. Many people dream about similar things, and while we have different thoughts and emotions that influence our dreams, there are similar meanings across these common themes. Here are some of the most common dreams and what they mean:


·        Showing up somewhere naked. Many people dream that they’re naked in a public place for everyone to see. Whether it’s at school, work, or in some other scenario, the meaning is the same. Being naked in public represents vulnerability. Perhaps you’re feeling anxious about an upcoming speech, or you’ve revealed personal details about yourself to a new person. Whatever the reason behind the dream, the root of being naked in your dream is the feeling of being vulnerable and exposed.

·        Running away from something. Sometimes it’s a bear or another animal, or a dark figure in the shadows, but regardless of what you’re running from, it means that you are avoiding something. It could be an important conversation with someone close to you, a job review, or a confrontation that you need to have. Try to see if there is something in your life that you are avoiding doing.

   Teeth falling out. Having our teeth fall out, or not being able to speak in a dream is a representation of communication. Is there something that you’re not saying to someone in your life? Or perhaps you’ve said too much in an argument and want to take it back. Or, are you afraid to speak up about something? Any dream involving the mouth or our voices is a sign of some stress or anxiety around communication.

  • Falling. Dreaming about falling represents freedom. Falling in our dreams can either be scary or pleasant. Think of areas in your life where you’re craving freedom. Are you trying to end a relationship that isn’t working? Are you working towards finishing a major project or task that you’ve been saddled with? Even when falling dreams are scary or seem negative, they represent either a recent freedom that we have or a freedom that we wish we had.
  • Death. While dreaming about death can be disturbing, the meaning isn’t necessarily negative. Death in dreams represents change in our lives. It could be good or bad, something that we’ve recently experienced, or a change that we are planning for the future. Change brings up a lot of emotions in people, and dreams are our minds way of processing those feelings.


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