Blake Shelton: Based on a True Story

love it when writer says would marry him tomorrow, lol, no doubt, he is so sexy, and has such a great personality, and sense of humor, very easy to have crush on!


If you asked me to pinpoint five men in Hollywood that I’d willingly marry tomorrow, somewhere on that list of five would be Blake Shelton. The man is handsome, plays guitar, sings, writes adorable lyrics, has a great sense of humor, and seems like a real Southern gentleman. Let me tell you – they don’t actually make them like this in the South – at least not in great numbers. I love Blake’s music, and I’m sure his new album Based on a True Story is not going to be any different.blake-shelton-based-on-a-true-story

The album launches off the ground with Boys Round Here, a carefree song about beer drinking, ladies, trucks, and rednecks. What else do you expect from Blake Shelton? This song feels like summer evenings in the south. The laid-back vibe and fun lyrics reflect many evenings I’ve had in Southwest Virginia quite accurately.

Do You Remember is…

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