3.30.postdailywritingprompt- impromptu reply just for starters, not for postdailypost

so i tell larry, “i dont have much money so i can get you something to eat but that is about it, and it has to be something cheap, not something real pricey….he says okay…i hand him a twenty. so he’s gone for an hour or so almost,w hich is fine, but when he walks back in the door, he hands me eight dollars, well, that means he has spent twelve, which is the same figure at debbie’s that he muttered out about putting twelve dollars worth of gas in when get to hays, and I said NO, larry, i have no money for gas, so i can not put gas in your car, and certainly not twelve dollars worth, and so he appeared to comprehend it then, however, in hays, he does the exact thing we discussed more than once in less than an hour, is it deliberate? 



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