just my luck….

so get already to go somewhere with a girlfriend, as i had planned, was even running on schedule, and wouldn’t ya know it, as i was ready to walk out door, here one right after another, show up two different gals….one knows i’m leaving, and the other just happenstanced by…so try to be as polite as i can and stay in a hurry to go, and not get real comfy visiting, and they leave, i go to fleta’s to get gas, and fleta closed at one thirty due to the holiday, OMG!!! so i dont have enough gas in my car to make it to the nearest town with a convenience store, do you think i can find anyone around this podunk place with some gas in a can, heck no- so guess its my sign to stay my dumb ass at home, GRRRRRRR! however, i still need some fuel in my car to make it to work, if you comin this way, bring some gas with ya!!! 




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