when I read thi…

when I read this quote for the first time, i thought, omg! wow, this totally is where i am at- and I realized it when it was happening, that death stood to be the only solution- and i didn’t know if it was mine, or someone else’s…and I really had no preference, like it didn’t matter to me, if i was the one alive, or the one who was dead, either way life was gonna be over as we’d known it- but to hear heaven and or hell will both take away my misery of my current existence- wow, scary when you find out after arriving at breaking point THAT wow, bumpin into this quote, almost guarantees what i’d been thinking in my head last 48 hours was right on, and i really am on dangerous ground, i’m not exaggerating, or being over the top, I felt it the other night, the end is near for us, and even had fear inside me- this lets me know, I do need to keep on keeping out and away from that- we really are where we are- both of us- thank you CS Lewis for puttin it down just like i needed it to be- to know i’m not crazy—and it is way past time! Girl, move on!!!

“The only place outside Heaven where you can be perfectly safe from all the dangers and perturbations of love is Hell.”
-CS Lewis



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