Power of Choice Part 1: Don’t Simply React – Choose Your Actions.

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In my previous articles on Positive Attitude and How to develop it I have mentioned the power of choice a few times as a potent tool at each one’s disposal. I intend to elaborate the concept in this article.

Day in and day out we face various circumstances in life where we have to decide what to do almost as frequently as we breathe (metaphorically of course ;)). Now what this does is, it sets in a ‘decisional fatigue’. As a result, the brain simply starts making decisions owing to the decisions we’ve made in our past and old habits it has been recording on a tape from the time you were born. There is a reason why people say ‘Old habits die hard’. Nonetheless, research on the topic has also shown that via training certain parts of the brain can be rewired to replace old bad habits with new…

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