How to Treat a Woman of God?

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 I am a woman of God. I submit to my husband on decisions, because that is what I believe is right. I don’t have an easier time. I have learned that if we are going to pray together, we must be in harmony, from our head to our toes. He is a strong, personality. I have quite a stubborn streak.We have learned to communicate.

I don’t recommend our methods to anyone, but I do know that we have survived through many things. We nearly got a divorce. We came within a few days. We reconciled within a few days of divorce. Ours was a serious case. The papers were served to me on my birthday, but God didn’t allow it to happen……..because someone prayed the weekend before we were to settle. She contacted an organization that is known for praying for people. Others were praying also,,,they knew this wasn’t something…

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